How To Get A Job In FIFA Team Management

How To Get A Job In FIFA Team Management


The aim of this article is to provide the answer to the question of “How To Get A Job In FIFA Team Management”, this requires a comprehensive understanding of the requirements needed to secure a position within FIFA.

Are you passionate about football? Well, you’re not alone.

Millions of people share your enthusiasm and aspire to work at FIFA. However, it’s important to realize that FIFA, like any other company, seeks skilled employees. Simply being a football fan is not a distinguishing skill when it comes to your job application.

The competencies that set you apart should be relevant to the specific role you are interested in. At FIFA, professionals perform a wide range of tasks, such as Marketing, Event management, HR, finance, and project management. Thus, it is crucial to have pertinent experience in your chosen field.

Additionally, keep in mind that FIFA collaborates with football associations across the globe.

While English proficiency is a good starting point, it is not sufficient for working worldwide.

Language skills play a vital role at FIFA, and in addition to English, being able to work in French, Spanish, or German can give you a competitive advantage.

FIFA’s headquarters are situated in Zürich, Switzerland, where Swiss-German is predominantly spoken. Having a solid foundation in German would greatly benefit your daily life once you become a part of FIFA.

Do you have concerns about traveling by plane? Well, working at FIFA may involve frequent business trips, and they may not always be short journeys.

Football is a global sport played not only in Switzerland or Europe but also in regions like the Pacific islands, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, a willingness to travel is essential.

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So, do you possess the skills and qualifications mentioned above? Fantastic!

To further enhance your application, it is advisable to have knowledge of football events. Engaging with your local football club, participating in football tournaments, or volunteering at international events can significantly bolster your credentials.

Contacting your national or regional football association is also a valuable step to exploring opportunities to get involved in the game. FIFA recruiters will undoubtedly appreciate your dedication to football, and you may even establish connections that could potentially lead to recommendations in the future. Remember, football is a tightly-knit community!

It’s important to note that FIFA is an organization with approximately 500 employees, which means that new job openings are not frequently available. It is akin to a medium-sized company in your local area, with the added factor that those already employed at FIFA are often content in their positions and not easily lured away by higher salaries elsewhere. Patience is a virtue when pursuing opportunities at FIFA. Typically, more job offers are published after the Men’s World Cup, as some individuals may choose to leave after dedicating four years to preparing for this grand event.

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