“Unleashing Potential: 6 Indian Professionals Thriving in the Swiss Job Market”

How to get Jobs in Switzerland

Introduction :

The Swiss job market has long been known for its robust economy, high wages, and exceptional work-life balance. Over the years, a significant number of Indian professionals have found their niche in Switzerland, carving out successful careers across various industries.

In this blog post “How to get Jobs in Switzerland”, we will explore the stories of 6 Indian professionals who have not only thrived but excelled in the Swiss job market. Through their achievements, we’ll gain insights into the opportunities available and the factors contributing to their success.

  1. Information Technology (IT) Sector

With the booming demand for tech talent, Swiss companies have actively sought Indian professionals to fill key positions in the IT sector. In the past year alone, over 500 Indian IT professionals were hired by leading Swiss tech companies, fueling innovation and driving digital transformation.

Jobs : IT Sales Manager (Manufacturing), Java Developer, Salesforce developer, Devops, UIUX Developer, QA Tester, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, etc.

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Salary Range data to answer “How to get Jobs in Switzerland”:   

Job TitleAverage Salary
ABAP Developer110,000 CHF
Advertising Account Planner108,000 CHF
Android Developer122,000 CHF
Angular Developer112,000 CHF
Application Consultant151,000 CHF
Applications System Specialist110,000 CHF
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist153,000 CHF
Artificial Intelligence Developer154,000 CHF
Blockchain Associate120,000 CHF
C# Developer128,000 CHF
Chief Information Security Officer179,000 CHF
Data Analyst117,000 CHF
Data Architect126,000 CHF
Data Security Manager173,000 CHF
Data Warehousing Manager157,000 CHF


2.Banking and Finance

The Swiss banking and finance industry has recognized the expertise and knowledge that Indian professionals bring to the table. In 2022, Swiss banks hired approximately 300 Indian finance professionals, acknowledging their contributions in areas such as wealth management, risk analysis, and financial advisory services.

Jobs: Investment Finance Specialist, Corporate Coverage Banker,KYC Analyst​/Maker,Compliance Officer – Trade Finance,Corporate Communications Manager.

Salary Range:

Job TitleAverage Salary
AML Analyst190,000 CHF
Assistant Bank Branch Manager174,000 CHF
Bank Accounts Manager159,000 CHF
Bank Auditing Manager167,000 CHF
Bank Branch Manager235,000 CHF
Bank Manager280,000 CHF
Bank Operational Risk Manager256,000 CHF
Bank Operations Head280,000 CH
Bank Product Manager180,000 CHF
Bank Programme Manager190,000 CHF
Bank Project Manager217,000 CHF
Bank Propositions Manager200,000 CHF
Bank Quantitative Analyst141,000 CHF
Bank Regional Manager278,000 CHF


3. Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Switzerland’s pharmaceutical and life sciences industry heavily relies on the expertise of Indian professionals. Last year, pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland hired more than 400 Indian researchers, scientists, and specialists to accelerate drug development, clinical trials, and medical advancements.

Jobs: R&D Scientist (Pharma), Associate – Life Sciences, Senior Life Science Strategy Consultant, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologist, Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Salary Range:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Assistant Pharmacy Director194,000 CHF
Associate Medical Affairs Director281,000 CHF
Bioinformatics Scientist247,000 CHF
Biomedical Engineering Director207,000 CHF
Biostatistician169,000 CHF
Biotechnologist162,000 CHF
Clinical Data Specialist154,000 CHF
Clinical Operations Manager235,000 CHF
Clinical Pharmacist166,000 CHF


4.Engineering and Manufacturing

Swiss engineering firms and manufacturing companies have been actively recruiting Indian engineers to drive innovation and enhance production processes. With an increasing demand for skilled engineers, approximately 250 Indian professionals were hired in the engineering and manufacturing sector last year.

Jobs: Quality Engineer, Maintenance and Engineering Technician, Production Engineer Electronics (MAIT Engineer), Senior PCBA Test Engineer (80-100%).

Salary Range:

  • Less than Two Years of Experience: Earning Approximately 63,800 CHF For individuals with less than two years of experience, the average salary in Switzerland is approximately 63,800 CHF. This serves as a starting point for many professionals entering the workforce and gaining initial exposure to their chosen field.
  • Two to Five Years of Experience: Earning 82,100 CHF, 29% More Than Less Experienced Counterparts As professionals accumulate two to five years of experience, their earning potential increases significantly. On average, individuals with this experience level can expect to earn around 82,100 CHF. This represents a substantial 29% increase compared to those with less than two years of experience.
  • Five to Ten Years of Experience: Earning 113,000 CHF, 38% More Than Professionals with Two to Five Years of Experience With five to ten years of experience under their belts, professionals in Switzerland see a further rise in their salaries. At this stage, individuals can expect to earn approximately 113,000 CHF. This represents a significant 38% increase compared to those with two to five years of experience.
  • Ten to Fifteen Years of Experience: Earning 140,000 CHF, 24% More Than Those with Five to Ten Years of Experience As professionals gain a decade or more of experience, their earning potential continues to grow. Those with ten to fifteen years of experience can expect to earn around 140,000 CHF. This represents a 24% increase in salary compared to professionals with five to ten years of experience.
  • Fifteen to Twenty Years of Experience: Earning 150,000 CHF, 7% More Than Those with Ten to Fifteen Years of Experience Moving forward with their careers, individuals who have accumulated fifteen to twenty years of experience in their respective fields see a moderate increase in their salaries. On average, they earn around 150,000 CHF, which is approximately 7% more than professionals with ten to fifteen years of experience.
  • More Than Twenty Years of Experience: Earning 160,000 CHF, 7% More Than Those with Fifteen to Twenty Years of Experience Lastly, professionals who have dedicated more than twenty years to their careers reach the pinnacle of experience and compensation. Individuals with over two decades of professional experience earn approximately 160,000 CHF. This represents a 7% increase compared to those with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

5. Hospitality and Tourism

Switzerland’s hospitality and tourism industry thrives on providing exceptional experiences to visitors from around the world. Indian professionals have made their mark in this sector, with over 200 individuals being hired in various roles such as hotel management, event planning, and customer service.

Jobs: ASSISTANT CHEF DE PARTIE PASTRY, Hotel Staff,Steward /a/ f/r die Hospitality ,Head of Group Hospitality ,Product Manager Hotel Supply,Bartender.

Salary Range: 

Assistant Food and Beverage Director159,000 CHF
Assistant Hospitality Manager171,000 CHF
Beverage Manager101,000 CHF
Casino Shift Manager150,000 CHF
Club Manager150,000 CHF
Cluster Director200,000 CHF
Cluster Revenue Manager143,000 C
Coffee Shop Manager138,000 CHF


6.Research and Development (R&D)

Switzerland’s commitment to research and development has attracted Indian professionals seeking to make groundbreaking contributions. In the past year, Swiss R&D institutions welcomed over 150 Indian researchers and scientists, fostering collaborations and driving innovation in diverse fields.

Jobs: R&D Scientist (Pharma),R&D Material Development Leader 80-100%,R&D Engineer, Hardware & Firmware Electronics, R/D CAPEX Team Manager,R&D Chemistry Laboratory Technician,R&D Materials Compliance Engineer 80-100% (f/m/d).

Salary Range:

  1. Entry-Level R&D Engineer (1-3 years of experience): An entry-level R&D engineer in Lausanne earns an average salary of CHF 90,014 per year. This salary reflects the initial stages of a career in R&D engineering, where individuals are gaining foundational knowledge and skills.
  2. Senior-Level R&D Engineer (8+ years of experience): On the other end of the spectrum, senior R&D engineers in Lausanne, with over 8 years of experience, earn an average salary of CHF 159,981 per year. These professionals have honed their expertise and often hold positions of leadership or higher responsibility within their organizations.



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