Job for Senior Data Engineer with Nestle for Gurgaon 2023

About Nestle

Company Overview: Nestlé operates across a broad spectrum of food and beverage categories, offering products that touch the lives of billions. From infant nutrition and dairy products to confectionery, coffee, and culinary offerings, Nestlé’s portfolio is as diverse as the global communities it serves. The company’s goal is to provide high-quality, safe, and enjoyable products that contribute to people’s lives, health, and happiness.

Key Values and Principles: Nestlé’s success is grounded in its core values and principles. These include:

  1. Nutrition, Health, and Wellness: Nestlé is committed to improving the nutritional value of its products while delivering a delightful taste experience. The company aims to help individuals and families make healthier choices.
  2. Quality and Safety: Nestlé maintains stringent quality and safety standards across its supply chain to ensure that every product meets the highest industry benchmarks.
  3. Sustainability: Nestlé places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and responsible sourcing. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  4. Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of Nestlé’s approach. The company continuously seeks to develop new and improved products that meet evolving consumer needs.
  5. Cultural Diversity: Nestlé’s global reach is reflected in its workforce and operations. The company values diversity and believes that its employees’ varied backgrounds contribute to its success.

Products and Brands: Nestlé’s product portfolio spans a wide range of categories, including:

  • Infant Nutrition: Nestlé offers specialized nutrition for infants and young children, focusing on their growth and development.
  • Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese, are a staple of Nestlé’s offerings.
  • Beverages: Nestlé is a prominent player in the coffee and beverage industry, with brands like Nescafé, Nespresso, and Milo.
  • Culinary and Cooking Aids: The company provides cooking aids such as culinary products and seasonings to enhance meals.
  • Confectionery: Nestlé is known for its confectionery products, including chocolate bars and candies.
  • Pet Care: Nestlé’s commitment extends to pets, offering a range of pet food products under brands like Purina.

Global Impact and Initiatives: Nestlé’s global presence allows it to address important social and environmental issues. The company’s initiatives include:

  • Caring for Water: Nestlé strives to use water efficiently in its operations and supports water stewardship in the communities it operates in.
  • Nutritional Initiatives: The company is committed to addressing global nutritional challenges and promoting healthier diets.
  • Plastic Waste Reduction: Nestlé is working towards making its packaging more sustainable and reducing plastic waste.
  • Supporting Farmers: Nestlé collaborates with farmers to ensure the responsible sourcing of raw materials, promoting their well-being and livelihoods.

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Hiring for Senior Data Engineer

Understand Data Engineer: 

A data engineer is a professional responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the systems and infrastructure necessary for the efficient and reliable processing, storage, and analysis of large volumes of data. In today’s data-driven world, data engineers play a crucial role in enabling organizations to harness the power of data for making informed decisions, driving innovation, and enhancing business operations.

About the job

It includes among others:

  • Working in the team of Data Engineers, Data Stewards & BI developers to develop & manage end products.
  • Ensure on-time delivery, data quality and proactive communication on monthly data refreshes.
  • Data Analysis through use of SQL queries / Excel / Power BI / etc. to answer end user queries.
  • Manage Knowledge retention through up-to-date process documentations.


Ensure Efficient Data Operations services including ingestion, processing, harmonization and quality check through the Product Team.

Efficient troubleshooting in case of any data processing failure.

End users communication on feedback & issue resolution.

Task Tracking & stakeholder communication.


  • 4+ years of hands-on Data Engineering experience on Azure.
  • Snowflake experience is a value ad.
  • Have experience working directly with Stakeholders to understand requirements

& interpret it to the Technical teams.

  • Experience with Agile & Scrum and/or other industry standard methodologies.
  • Data Mining experiences (Excel, PowerBi, SQL…).
  • Solution Mindset, Critical Thinking & Team player.

About IT In Nestlé

We are a team of IT professionals from diverse cultures, genders and age groups in the world’s largest food and beverage company. We innovate every day through forward- looking technologies to create opportunities for Nestlé’s digital challenges with our consumers, customers, and employees.

We have exciting positions in our new Nestlé global services operations based in Bangalore, which works alongside our Regional IT Hub in Sydney and Global IT hubs to provide technology services for Asia, Oceania, and Africa (AOA). This setup will design, implement, and maintain IT solutions and sharpen Nestlé’s focus in the growing areas of digital, analytics and innovation to support changing customer, consumer and shopper

When you join our IT team, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate across local and global Nestlé teams and external partners to deliver innovative technologies that create tangible business value and contribute proactively to our sustainability goals. Our diversity brings fresh and innovative thinking to how we approach new and existing challenges while embracing different cultures, genders, sexual orientation, abilities and
flexible ways of working.

Potential Data Engineer with Nestle interview questions

1. General Data Engineering Questions:

  • Can you explain the role of a data engineer and their responsibilities in a data-driven organization?
  • What is ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and why is it important in data engineering?
  • How do data engineers ensure data quality and consistency in a large-scale data processing pipeline?

2. Technical Data Engineering Questions:

  • Can you describe the process of designing and building a data pipeline from various data sources to a data warehouse?
  • What are the differences between batch processing and real-time processing in data engineering?
  • How would you optimize a data pipeline to handle large volumes of data efficiently?

3. Database and Data Storage Questions:

  • Explain the differences between relational databases and NoSQL databases. When would you use each?
  • How do you ensure data security and access control in a database?
  • What are data lakes, and how do they differ from traditional data warehouses?

4. Data Modeling and Architecture Questions:

  • What is data normalization, and why is it important in database design?
  • Describe the concept of a star schema and how it’s used in data warehousing.
  • How would you design a database schema to handle a many-to-many relationship between entities?

5. Big Data and Distributed Computing Questions:

  • What is Hadoop, and how does it facilitate big data processing?
  • Explain the MapReduce paradigm and its role in processing large datasets.
  • How does data partitioning contribute to parallel processing in distributed systems?

6. Data Transformation and Processing Questions:

  • How would you handle missing or incomplete data during the ETL process?
  • What are the challenges of dealing with unstructured data, and how would you preprocess it for analysis?
  • Can you explain the concept of data aggregation and provide examples of its application?

7. Tools and Technologies Questions:

  • Have you worked with any ETL tools? Describe your experience with them.
  • What programming languages are commonly used in data engineering, and which ones are you proficient in?
  • Are you familiar with cloud-based data storage and processing platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure?

8. Scalability and Performance Questions:

  • How would you handle a data pipeline that experiences bottlenecks and slow processing times?
  • What strategies can you employ to ensure that a data pipeline can scale to handle increasing data volumes?

9. Data Governance and Compliance Questions:

  • How do data engineers contribute to ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR?
  • Can you describe the steps you would take to audit and monitor data access and usage within a system?

What is the salary of Nestle manager in India?

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Overview:

  • Nestlé operates across diverse food and beverage categories, serving billions globally.
  • From infant nutrition to coffee, confectionery, and culinary products, Nestlé’s portfolio is as diverse as the communities it caters to.
  • Nestlé aims to provide high-quality, safe, and enjoyable products that enhance people’s lives and well-being.

Key Values and Principles:

  1. Nutrition, Health, and Wellness: Nestlé focuses on improving product nutrition while delivering an enjoyable taste.
  2. Quality and Safety: Rigorous quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.
  3. Sustainability: Nestlé emphasizes environmental responsibility and sustainable sourcing.
  4. Innovation: Continuous innovation drives the creation of products that meet evolving consumer needs.
  5. Cultural Diversity: Nestlé values diversity, recognizing its contribution to the company’s success.

Products and Brands:

  • Nestlé’s portfolio includes:
  1. Infant Nutrition: Specialized nutrition for infants and young children.
  2. Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese.
  3. Beverages: Prominent presence in the coffee and beverage industry.
  4. Culinary and Cooking Aids: Products and seasonings enhancing meals.
  5. Confectionery: Renowned for its chocolate bars and candies.
  6. Pet Care: Offers a range of pet food products under brands like Purina.

Global Impact and Initiatives:

  • Nestlé’s global presence enables it to address social and environmental issues.
  • Initiatives include water stewardship, nutritional improvements, plastic waste reduction, and supporting farmers.

Hiring for Senior Data Engineer:

  • Data Engineers play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining systems for processing and analyzing large volumes of data.
  • Responsibilities include working in teams, ensuring data quality, analysis, troubleshooting, and communication.

About IT in Nestlé:

  • Nestlé’s IT professionals innovate with forward-looking technologies to tackle digital challenges.
  • Exciting positions in Nestlé’s global services operations in Bangalore focus on technology services for Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

Potential Data Engineer with Nestlé Interview Questions:

  • Comprehensive questions covering data engineering concepts, technical skills, databases, tools, and problem-solving abilities.

Engineer Salary in Nestlé India:

  • As of 2021, Engineer salaries at Nestlé India can range from ₹4,28,533 to ₹11,10,642 per year.

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